Mario just got shirtless and people can’t stop talking about his nipples


“Not impressed with Mario’s nipples tbh.”

After the reveal that Nintendo’s world-famous mascot is no longer a plumber shocked gamers to the core earlier this year, another slightly less important – but no less shocking – reveal was made this week.

During a Nintendo Direct stream on Wednesday, new footage of Super Mario Odyssey showed the moustachioed hero playing on the beach of sunny Bubblaine in a pair of trunks and his signature cap.

But it wasn’t the new locations or fancy gameplay mechanics that got people’s attention – it was Mario’s nipples.

Plenty of questions have arisen following the reveal. Why hasn’t he got any chest hair? Where’s that tribal tattoo that appeared on his arm back in 2004? Why does he have nipples but no nostrils?

Twitter wants answers.

Others questioned why Mario has nipples but The Legend Of Zelda’s ethereal elf Link doesn’t.

But some were just plain disappointed.

While the internet debates the existence of virtual nipples, we’re slightly more excited by the fact that Mario can literally use his hate to play ‘go fetch’ with a dog on the beach, making this a guaranteed day one purchase.


Check out the new footage of Super Mario Odyssey below.



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