Louisa Johnson: I want to include an LGBT+ love song on my album

Gemma Parker for Manchester Pride via Facebook

Pop sensation Louisa Johnson has confirmed she’s interested in writing a song that promotes same-sex love on her album.

The former X Factor star and Best Behaviour singer, who spoke to Gay Times at Manchester Pride, revealed the album may champion the power of love – regardless of sexuality.

“Definitely,” agreed Louisa. “I’ve only just started writing my own stuff as it’s hard to get into the swing of, but yeah – it’s a big thing that people should be talking about. Hundred percent!

“I don’t know how it would go but I’d love to do it. I think, like, it would be cool – especially for the whole fanbase thing. They (LGBT+ community) like the vibe of Best Behaviour so it could be a little bit more sassy and raunchy because I know they love that… so do I.”

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And the love shown by our community to her severely underrated single Best Behaviour hasn’t gone unnoticed.

“That’s one thing I did notice,” she giggled in agreement with us when we mentioned that the LGBT+ community just can’t stop showing their love for the music.

“It didn’t actually do that well and I was thinking that I love the song – and it’s a very gay song – well it wasn’t, but it seems to be now.”

Louisa added: “It’s so strange how certain things are picked up by certain people. It’s really, really strange but I love it and I’m really happy. It wasn’t really the plan, but it’s a very sassy song!”

Gemma Parker for Manchester Pride via Facebook

We might not have to wait all that long for a possible new gay anthem to storm the charts. Louisa’s next song could be what we’ve been waiting for…

“I don’t want to big it up too much,” she teased of her next hit. “I really believe in it a lot and everyone has. You always get a few comments that someone isn’t sure but we haven’t had one. It’s almost too good to be true!

“It’s a different sound completely. It’s one hundred percent me. It came from me and it’s really amazing! I love it so much!

And a name? “I do have a name but I’m not telling you!”

More information on Louisa can be found here



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