Jane McDonald: ‘I’ve been asked to return to cruising on many occasions’

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Jane McDonald is many things: a singer, a Loose Women survivor, a bastion of camp.

But above all, she’s the queen of cruising. In the second part of our Cruising with Jane McDonald interview, she explains how Channel 5 persuaded her to share her passion for cruising with the world.

Have you ever said no to an end-of-show song because it’s just too much?
Erm… no. Because I do like a bit of a challenge. I literally came out of the recording studio last night thinking, “They’re going to kill me doing some of these songs!” But some of them are very, very funny.

I think the team are now working it for that specific moment in the show, and I think some viewers are waiting for it. And that’s lovely for me. I love the idea of people sitting there thinking, “What on earth is she going to sing now?”

When you were pitched the show, were you on board – no pun intended – from the start? Or did it seem almost too perfect?
I mean, over the last 20 years I’ve been asked to return to cruising on many occasions. But Ben Frow at Channel 5 is very clever. I had a meeting with him where he asked me I wanted to do. And I said I wanted it to be good fun, and I want it to be why I love cruising. I want it to be very positive, with no sneering.

I have got this innocent wonderment about me where I go on the ship, find I have a nice cabin, and I’m beside myself. Because I do love it. I love having a washing line in my toilet! And I know this sounds really trite and ridiculous, but give me a comfy bed, a kettle and balcony, and I’m in heaven.

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When you go cruising without the cameras, do you get bothered all the time by fans?
No, people don’t give a monkey’s who I am. Well, it depends what type on shipping line I’m on. I normally end up saying hello to any Brits on board, but that’s lovely because you all end up getting to know each other.

If I bumped into you cruising, I’d have to ask for a selfie. 
Well, I’d be upset if you didn’t!

Cruising with Jane McDonald is on Five, Fridays at 9pm.



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