Watch as customers defend this trans woman from a bigoted sales assistant


Faith in humanity = restored!

A recent episode of What Would You Do? tackled the issue of transphobia, as customers were unknowingly presented with a staged conflict between a trans woman and a bigoted sales assistant in a clothes store.

“Do you ignore the shopping showdown, speak up for this woman’s right to shop wherever she wants, or side with the sales clerk who says her money is no good here?” asks host John Quinones.

As the pretend store assistant mis-genders the trans ‘customer’ as Sir, and warns her that she might rip the clothes she wants to try on, a number of real customers step in to stop the transphobic behaviour.

“She looks beautiful in that, it fits her perfectly, and I’m offended by what you’re saying,” argues one shopper. “It doesn’t matter about gender, it doesn’t matter about size – she looks beautiful.”

Other customers offer style advice and even hugs to try and make her feel comfortable in the store.

When asked why they defended her, one woman said: “It upset me because I don’t know how she has to go through this, I can’t even imagine. I give you a lot of credit for being genuine to who you are.”

Watch the moving video below.



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