Drag superstar Courtney Act reads President Trump’s tweets to filth – watch

President Trump’s never been one for holding back on what he thinks – especially when it comes to his Twitter account. The same can also be said for international drag super Courtney Act.

However, unlike Donald, she’s also one to say it to somebody’s face… as we found out in this hilarious Gay Times exclusive video.

Before she stepped on stage at London’s Underbelly Festival to perform her show Girl From Oz, we loaded Courtney with tweets from the outspoken and frankly ridiculous president’s Twitter account – @RealDonaldTrump – and found out what she really makes of them.

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From his Make America Great Again catchphrase through to his stance on the LGBT+ community, Donald’s had a lot to say about all of these things… and now so does Courtney!

“Does he understand the ridiculousness and the irony of his tweets,” Courtney laughing in total disbelief.  Adding: “It’s really hard not to say… you’re a dickhead!”

Earlier this year, Courtney joined fellow RuPaul’s Drag Race contestants Willam and Alaska to star in Little Mix’s video Power.

Please note: No president’s were harmed in the making of this video. 

More information on Courtney can be found here.



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