Move over Barbie, these Drag Race repaints are sickening

© Instagram

RuPaul’s Drag Race has had some of the most beautiful queens to ever grace our television screens, and an account on Instagram shows repainted Barbie dolls paying homage to them.

Mark Jonathan has created a series on YouTube, which sees his artistic process in transforming Barbie dolls into some of the most memorable girls from the show.

He gives a step by step guide in what he does to change a normal Barbie doll into a stunning drag queen.

So far, he has created Naomi Smalls, Valentina, Violet Chachki and Trixie Mattel, which was suitably his first ever Barbie repaint.

Mark managed to give the doll he created to Trixie herself at a drag performance, and on an Instagram post he said: “Freakin Mission Accomplished! So glad I was able to give @trixiemattel my doll I RuPaint-ed of her. She is ridiculously nice and obviously flawless.”

He plans to do Kim Chi, Bob The Drag Queen, Miss Fame and Aja next, but if you want to see Mark create someone else, go and comment.

Just between us squirrel friends, you can check out some of his glorious creations below.

Oh and  he even managed to fix Emma Watson’s Bieber-like Belle doll. Nice work.

If you are wondering how he does it, then watch the video below!



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