YAS! Paris Hilton is working on a 2017 remix of her iconic single Stars Are Blind


Paris has come to save the charts. 

As you all know by now, Paris Hilton’s debut single Stars Are Blind is an iconic / groundbreaking / revolutionary pop masterpiece etc etc etc.

In 2006, the pop/reggae bop reached the top ten in Australia, Germany, Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK – you get the gist, the song was a huge hit.

Even Lady Gaga said: “I always thought Stars Are Blind was one of the greatest records ever.”

So when Paris tweeted today that the song was getting the 2017 remix treatment, it’s safe to say fans lost their s**t (including us).

See some of the best reactions below!

If you haven’t heard the song – BLASPHEMY! – don’t worry, there’s still always time to get into this absolute classic.

Watch the sultry black and white beach clip for Stars Are Blind below.

While you’re at it, check out the very underrated pop/rock gem Nothing in this World from the same album, which to be honest, should’ve been a worldwide number one (!).



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