Is Love Island about to introduce LGBT+ contestants to the show?


Producers of the ultimate guilty pleasure show have said there could be “more representation of the LGBT community,” a source has said.

The show, in its third run, has this year exploded into social media. With only 11 days left in this season, who knows what they have planned.

The Love Island spokeswoman told the Daily Mirror, “The main stipulation for Love Island applicants is that they are single and looking for love, and we are open to all possibilities.”

Rumours that the ITV2 show are planning to fly in last minute contestants are buzzing around. Last year, Katie Salmon was flown in and chose to couple up with Sophie Gradon, becoming the shows first lesbian couple.

The couple split a couple of episodes later, unsuccessful in winning the Love Island money.

So far, tThe show is yet to feature a same-sex couples in its 2017 season.

While the heterosexual couples have been good entertainment, a queer spin off would definitely go down a treat with fans…

Personally, we think a spin off show titled Gaywatch could be a much bigger hit…

Words Lee Dalgetty



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