Listen to Geri Horner’s brand new single in memory of George Michael

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It’s her first global release in 12 years!

Geri Horner has made her music comeback with brand new single Angels in Chains, which she wrote in loving memory of her late friend and pop icon George Michael.

Angels in Chains lives up to its description as “a heartfelt ballad” and was co-written by Geri herself. You listen to it below.

It also has contributions from George Michael’s music family, including his producer Chris Porter, music director Chris Cameron, guitarist Phil Palmer, backing singer Shirley Lewis, and Lucy Jules and Jay Henry who have performed with George since 25 Live.

“I wasn’t sure about coming back with a ballad,” Geri told Gay Times in an exclusive interview about the new single. “Normally I would discuss something like this with George.

“I would go round his house and share my music with him and he would tell me whether it was crap or whether it was good.  He was so honest with me – supportive but incredibly honest.

“I’d always go round there seeking approval with my music and my voice – asking, ‘Is there any improvement?’

“And so I suddenly realised the first void of him leaving. He wasn’t there, so couldn’t ask him about the song.”

Geri added: “So I sort of feel that this song doesn’t belong to me – it belongs to every fan of George Michael that’s feeling this.

“And I knew that if I was to sing this song with elegance and respect – it had to be respectful –  I’d need to feel support and validation from his musicians and people who’d worked with him.”

Geri’s profits from the song will go directly to George’s charity of choice, which was Child Line.

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