You have to watch the moment Bianca Del Rio invited a little boy in drag on stage


This is just too adorable…

During a Werq The World show in Montreal, Canada over the weekend, Bianca Del Rio brought a young fan on stage who was dressed in full drag.

Lactatia had the crowd cooing and laughing in equal measure as she took on the Drag Race champion.

After all, it’s no mean feat telling the sharp-witted queen that another Drag Race contestant is her fave…

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Of course, Bianca took it all in good humour, telling the future drag superstar that “even though I’m not your favourite, you’re my fucking favourite.”

Bianca added: “What I love most about this is that your mom is here with you supporting you.

“The brilliant thing about all of this is that there’s opportunity in this world that will come to you, and I want you to share it, be you and enjoy the hell out of it.”

It just leaves us with one thing to say: Lactatia! Shantay, you stay.



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