Orange Is The New Black meets Black Mirror’s San Junipero in brand new teaser


Ooh heaven is a place on Earth…

It’s the crossover none of us expected to ever happen, but two of Netflix’s biggest shows have come together for an awesome clip.

Orange Is The New Black’s Taystee (Danielle Brooks) takes a trip back in time to San Junipero to meet up with her beloved friend Poussey (Samira Wiley).

For those of you who are Black Mirror fans, you’ll recognise San Junipero from a very memorable episode in the latest season.

Orange Is The New Black released a very intense first look at the new series last month.

It saw Piper and Alex walking towards a dramatic situation where Daya has a gun pointed at Humphrey’s head, and her fellow inmates are urging her to shoot.

We hear the gunshot, but we don’t get to see the outcome just yet.

Fans of the show will find out when 13 new episodes of Orange Is The New Black are added to Netflix on 9 June.

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