Here’s why you need to listen to new band Sloes


Take it real Sloes.

It’s not all poppers o’clock at Gay Times Towers just because Steps have released a (phenomenal) new album. We’re also loving the new single from Sloes…

They’re a bit indie – with Radiohead and Arcade Fire influences, a bit pop and, dare we say it, a bit folk too. And that works just perfectly for us.

They’ve already been in for a session with Dermot O’Leary (on his Radio 2 show, obviously…) as well as playing the main stage at the Boardmasters festival last summer.

And, yes we’re going to be that transparent, it always helps us when a lovely soundtrack has some equally rather lovely people to look at.

All In The Mind is the soaring and beautiful title track from their new five-track EP, which is released on 16 June. The band play London’s Old Street Records on Wednesday 24 May.

You should also check out Chasing Tails from their debut EP of the same name…

Stay up to date with all things Sloes at the usual places: Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.



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