Bette Midler collapses during hilarious curtain call gag at Hello, Dolly! – watch


There’s always time for a joke when Bette is around.

Back where she belongs, Bette Midler took her opening night bow on Broadway. But, that didn’t stop her from causing quite the commotion during the curtain call.

Walking centre stage with her company, Bette bows before receiving flowers – but the acting didn’t stop there! Known for her wicked sense of humour and hilarious pranks, Bette stepped back as the curtain began to descend before promptly collapsing on her fellow cast members.

Clearly a bit of fun, the curtain falls as her cast members all smile and question what just happened – much to the amusement of the opening night audience.

The NYC Mayor proclaimed earlier in the day that 21 April will forever be known as Dolly Day – a tribute to the opening of the much-anticipated Broadway revival.

Bette tweeting: “Wow, wow, wow, fellas! Look at the old gal now! Over the moon and overwhelmed with gratitude as NYC Mayor proclaims April 21 as “Dolly Day”

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The show has since received great reviews. Ben Brantley from The New York Times writing: “Ms. Midler brings such comic brio – both barn-side broad and needlepoint precise – to the task of playing with her food that I promise you it stops the show. Then again, pretty much everything Ms. Midler does stops the show.

“As for that much anticipated moment when she puts on fire-engine red plumes and sequins to lead a cakewalk of singing waiters, well, let’s just hope that this show’s producers have earthquake insurance…”

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Earlier this year, the show hit the headlines after a fan reportedly fainted during Bette’s big number.

According to Page Six, during the first half of the show, a 53-year-old audience member from LA “started to feel dizzy and made his way to the aisle. But he lost consciousness and collapsed before the end of his row.” The show was stopped and medical support was offered to them, however they refused to be taken to a local hospital as recommended.

“When he regained consciousness, they checked his vitals and insisted he should go straight to the hospital,” the source continued to explain. The audience member rightfully stating, “I’d sooner die than miss act two!”

We can totally understand why, with Hello, Dolly! rightly being the hottest ticket on Broadway this year.

The Shubert Theatre, which is now rightly framed with Bette’s name, previously broke box office records for the best first day of sales in Broadway history. But, like we’re surprised – it’s Bette!

A new Broadway cast recording of Bette Midler’s Hello, Dolly! will be released later this year.

London transfer, please?

More information on the cast album can be found here.  Book your tickets for Hello Dolly! here.



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