Indie developer wants to make virtual reality gaming ‘obscenely gay’


Robert Yang has been working on a virtual reality game that will scare homophobes away…

Most of the indie developer’s work in the gaming arena artistically explores gay sex.

In a recent blog post, Yang hoped to make VR “obscenely gay” so that it would stop homophobes from playing them.

“It’d be beautiful if I managed to convince them that VR was for gay people,” he wrote.

“And so these gross people stay away from VR entirely.”

In a later blog post he spoke of how he wanted to further his vision for gay VR.

“Let’s flood VR with gay stories, gay ideas, gay images, gay bodies, gay feelings, gay systems and gay interactions,” he said.

“Some of that will be making gay games and gay art, but some of this work will also involve talking about VR and developing a theory of gay VR.”

Some of the titles made by Yang include Radiator 3: Rinse and Repeat, a game set in a shower room where you wash down a naked guy who then comments on your performance.

Other titles of his include Stick Shift, which has you pleasuring a gay car to orgasm, and No Stars, Only Constellations which is about breaking up and the possibility of advanced alien life in the universe.

His games have featured on numerous YouTube gaming channels most notably PewDiePie and jacksepticeye.

But it’s not just indie games that have been expanding on gay themes, as mainstream titles like Mass Effect Andromeda have also been trying to further developments in LGBT+ content.

Words Jonathan Shaw



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