Angels in America lauded with praise following ‘transcendent’ first performances

Jason Bell

It’s the hottest theatre ticket this summer!

Tony Kushner’s landmark 2017 revival of Angels in America has now begun its first preview performances of Part One: Millennium at the National’s Lyttelton Theatre, and the reaction from audience members has been quite something.

One regular theatre attendee took to Twitter, writing: “I’ve been going to for 25yrs and is the best thing I have ever seen; going to be massive

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The show stars Andrew Garfield, Russell Tovey, Denise Gough, James McArdle, Nathan Lane. The LGBT+ play, that begins in America in the mid-1980s in the midst of the AIDS crisis and a conservative Reagan administration, follows New Yorkers as they grapple with life and death, love and sex, heaven and hell.

And those lucky enough to have tickets haven’t been shy in expressing their astonishment at the visual spectacle…

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Weren’t able to get a ticket? We might have a way to you still see the show…

Earlier this year, Angels in America announced three exciting ways you’ll be able to hopefully get tickets for the sold out run. And they are:

1. The Angels Ballot, as presented by Delta, with hundreds of £20 tickets available.

2. Day tickets, limited to two per person and are expected to sell out quickly.

3. National Theatre Live. Both parts of the show will be broadcast via NT Live. Part 1 on 20 July, the second 27 July. They’ll be followed by encore performances from the 4 August in selected venues.

More information can be found here



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