Mass Effect: Andromeda features gay romance, but LGBT+ fans aren’t happy


Mass Effect: Andromeda – the fourth instalment of the Mass Effect gaming universe – is out today (23 March), but LGBT+ fans of the game have taken issue with its inclusion of a gay romance.

For those who haven’t played before, Mass Effect is a role-playing game in which you play as the title character and make all the decisions to proceed. Players can either be Scott or Sara Ryder and is in charge of helping to find a new home for humanity.

In the game, players choose whether Ryder has a hetero or homosexual relationship/hook-up with another character.

While the gay sex scene is somewhat heated, it is dead when compared with the straight sex. There’s more speech, flirtation, caressing and close to full on nudity in the hetero scenes. Whereas in the gay scenes, there is basically a kiss then a fade to black.

Not only this, but the heterosexual relationship options shows more choice in partners. The same-sex coupling doesn’t allow players to unlock the The Matchmaker achievement either.

The Matchmaker is achieved through romancing three different characters in different runs. Ryder is not allowed to date any of the men in one scenario and therefore the achievement is only possible through dating a woman.

One YouTuber, Evilsbrother, wrote: “Is this the best we can hope for? Sad.”

Mass Effect has featured possible gay love interests in older versions, with short 30-second sex scenes. The game has been seen as progressive in the past because of this, and the sexual fluidity of the universe.

Words Bonnie Hines



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