Deadmau5 claims the vogue ball scene is racist towards white people

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Deadmau5 has slammed the vogue ball scene, claiming it discriminates against white people.

The Grammy-nominated Toronto DJ, real name Joel Zimmerman, tweeted on Wednesday: “here’s another thing ill(sic) never understand…. competitive vogue-ing.”

A follower responded by saying that ball culture represented  “a great energy. Everyone can live their fantasy. It’s cool to see in real life”, to which Deadmau5 said: “everyone except white people like me.”

He followed up by posting a mock video on his feed called How to Get Offended.

The Vogue scene is a culture of stylised modern dance which developed from the Harlem ballroom scene in the ‘80s.

Voguing has become established within the gay ballroom scene in city clubs across the USA, particularly New York.

Words Jonathan Shiel



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