Watch this flight attendant serve Britney Spears realness in this incredible Toxic lip-sync

YouTube / Twitter

“Too high, can’t come down…”

Britney Spears’ music video for Toxic is pop culture gold, and every time we step onto a plane we can’t help visualise the incredible routine in the aisles.

However, flight attendant Assraf Nasir lived out that very pop fantasy, serving some of his finest Britney choreography for one amazing lip-sync video on an Airbus A330.

His friend then posted the incredible scenes on Twitter and it quickly spread across social media.

It’s also been posted to Britney Spears herself, but the pop icon has yet to respond.

Believe it or not, Toxic celebrated its 13th birthday earlier this year.

To celebrate, Gay Times pulled together 13 facts about the iconic pop anthem.



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