Get ready for a lorra lorra laughs! Paul O’Grady will be your new Blind Date host

Channel 5

The classic British dating show is being updated for the 21st century.

Paul O’Grady will be the new host of Blind Date when it returns on a new home over at Channel 5.

“Blind Date is an incredibly special family show which brought laughter, tears and joy to TV viewers throughout the land,” Paul said.

“I am honoured to present the brand new series and, after speaking to Channel 5, I know the series is in safe hands. I can’t wait to see if we can find love.”

While the show’s format will pay respect to the original appeal of the programme with its sliding door, three question format and live studio audience, it will be rebooted to reflect the present day dating world.

What’s more, Channel 5 have confirmed that Blind Date will welcome LGBT contestants for the first time when it returns to screens “soon”.

But there’s still one question that remains: will Our Graham be back too?



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