X Factor’s Saara Aalto proposes to fiancée again as Finland legalises same-sex marriage

© Andy Tyler

The singer can finally marry her partner in her home country.

Saara Aalto marked the first day of same-sex couples being allowed to get married in Finland by proposing to her partner Meri Sopanen for a second time.

The couple first got engaged last summer, but now Finland have legalised same-sex weddings, they can finally tie the knot in their native country.

Saara also reflected on campaigning for same-sex marriage in Finland way back in 2014, when the country’s Parliament passed the reform.

The star finished second on The X Factor in the UK last year, despite finding herself towards the bottom of the voting table early on in the series.

She has since signed a five-album deal with Sony Music UK and Sony Music Finland, and has even teamed up with some superstar songwriters.

“I’m now working with some of the best songwriters in the world and Sia has written a song that has been given to me,” Saara explained.

“I think Sia is a pretty good reference for me because her way of ­singing and the way she composes the melodies and writes the lyrics is very similar to what I’ve always done.”



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