Pokémon GO will have even more Pokémon for you to catch this week


Get ready Pokémon trainers of the world: that Pokédex just got a whole lot bigger.

The popular augmented reality game is adding 80 more of the Nintendo critters into the wild, fresh from the shores of the Johto region.

Pokémon GO developer Niantic has confirmed that creatures from the second generation of the original Game Boy games will be released in an update later this week.

It means you’ll now be scouring the streets for a Hoothoot, trying to get your Eevee to evolve into an Umbreon or Espeon, and chasing a Totodile on the beach.

But that’s not all: as well as new Pokémon, there will be new game mechanics too.

Pokémon trainers will have access to two new berries. Oooh.

A Nanab Berry will slow a Pokémon’s movements when you’re trying to catch them, while a Pinap Berry will double the amount of Candy they’ll hold if the next catch attempt is successful.

What’s more, your avatar will be able to have a long overdue makeover too.

There will be a new selection of hats, shirts, trousers and other accessories available, with further items for sale in the Pokémon GO shop.



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