Would you use technology to find The One…?

Another Gay Times writer has a book out…

You hear people talk about finding ‘The One’ all the time – depending, of course, on which ‘dating’ apps for gentlemen you hang out on – but if everyone had a DNA test to match you to your perfect partner, would you do it? And what if the partner you’re matched to isn’t the gender you were expecting…?

That’s the premise of John Marr’s new novel, The One, which is released as an eBook today.

Long-time readers of GT will recognise John as our editor-at-large. No, we’re not sure what that job title actually is either, but he has waved his dictaphone at an awful lot of celebs over the years for us.

So we’re not at all bitter that The One, his third self-published novel, was taken on by Penguin Random House label Del Rey, sold to six countries and optioned for a six-part TV series by the makers of Merlin.

Anyway – over to John to explain The One…

“The characters come from all walks of life, and include two straight men who find they are matched with each other,” he tells us.

“Nick is planning his wedding to his girlfriend. But when she convinces him to take the test, it turns out he’s matched with another man.”

“Neither of them are gay, neither have had a same sex experience or any feelings towards another man. The story follows them as they meet and gradually come to terms with what it means to fall in love with someone of the same sex when you don’t identify as gay.”

What would you do…? While you’re making up your mind, you can can download The One here now. The paperback is released on 4 May.



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