Mark Gatiss hints that next Sherlock could be the last


Sherlock star Mark Gatiss has given his strongest hints yet that this weekend’s episode could mark the end of the show.

The actor, writer and friend of GT was speaking on Beyond Thunderdome, the new podcast from GT contributor Dan Martin. 

Asked about the future of the series following Sunday’s ominous-sounding finale The Final Problem, Gatiss admitted: “It was very hard to schedule this series. The plan was to do series four last year, and the reason we ended up being able to do the special (2015’s The Abominable Bride) was because that was the only time we were able to get everyone together.”

But fans need not despair completely, as Gatiss also hinted it was likely that the show could return on a more intermittent basis.

“We’d like to [do more], it’s a stated ambition, we’d like to grow old with them,” he said. “If we can get them to the Rathbone and Bruce age, that’d be rather brilliant.

“But if there’s more and we have honestly no idea, I don’t know if we’re going to do any more, it’ll be more sporadic, but there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s always been a slightly reserved treat, and if we only manage to do a special every few years other shows do it and it’s perfectly alright.

“I think as long as the will’s there and people want to see it then we’ll carry on.”

Of the series, which has already killed off John Watson’s wife Mary, Gatiss added: “It is darker, it’s the darkest season definitely. There’s still obviously a lot of humour and a lot of jokes because that’s the nature of the series but what they have to deal with is pretty dark so there’s repercussions because you can’t go there and then ignore it so it means it’s definitely the darkest season.”

He described how he and co-creator Steven Moffat had resisted attempts from other channels to take the show away from the BBC, castigating The Great British Bake Off’s move to Channel 4.

“With things like Bake Off, they make me feel sick. That’s like a fable of how to throttle the goose that laid the golden egg,” he said.

“This charming, unexpected success made completely by its simplicity and it’s presenters and then in it comes like some sort of Dementor, to grab whatever’s beautiful about it and just kill it. And I think they deserve everything they fucking get!”

Elsewhere, Gatiss discusses his recent turn on the stage in gay classic The Boys In The Band, gay life in 2017, The League Of Gentlemen’s Brexit-inspired comeback, and what would happen if Donald Trump ate a baby on live television.



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