The Golden Girls is returning


The legendary ladies of comedy are back…

If you’re a fan of, arguably, the best comedy series of all time – that’s The Golden Girls by the way – then we’ve got some good news for you… Because the show is coming back!

Wait, hold up, don’t get your shoulder pads in a twist. They’re not doing a remake, we don’t have another Brighton Belles situation on our hands thank you very much.

What they ARE doing, finally, is allowing the entire original series – that’s all seven seasons, comprising 180 episodes – to be streamed on Hulu from 13 February.

So actually, that’s good news for residents of the United States of America – and let’s face it, they need some good news right now – but not so good for the rest of us as Hulu isn’t available in the UK…

If you’re looking for your old lady fix in Britain, Disney only released the first four seasons on DVD… Outrageous!

Fortunately the entire series is available from Amazon until such time as Netflix or Amazon pick up the golden gauntlet over here.

And let’s not even get started on the spin-off series, The Golden Palace…

The Golden Girls airs on Hulu from 13 February.



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