Idina Menzel sings Wind Beneath My Wings in Beaches remake trailer

© Beaches

Idina Menzel shows off her vocal talents in latest Beaches trailer.

Lifetime’s remake of the 1988 hit movie will see Broadway star Idina and actress Nia Long take on the roles of Carol ‘CC’ Bloom and Hillary Whitney, originally made famous by Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey.

A new teaser for the remake gives fans a preview of Idina’s take on iconic track Wind Beneath My Wings — Bette’s number one single. There’s also expected to be several additional songs.

Lifetime also revealed the movies release date – 21 January 2017.

Ready? Let’s go…

When we spoke to Idina about the Beaches remake, she told us that she knew she would “incur some enemies” who are faithful to the original, but that it was “worth the risk” to bring the story to a new generation.

She said: “I’m not Bette Midler and I’ll never be Bette Midler. We’re making a homage to the original film. Y’know, it’s not a replication and it’s hopefully going to have some new things in there while also paying tribute to the original.”

Beaches premieres in the US on Lifetime on Saturday 21 January.

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