Neil Amin-Smith quits Clean Bandit

© GT / Joseph Sinclair

The classical violinist and LGBT role model has announced that he’s parting ways with the pop band.

In the past few minutes Neil Amin-Smith has announced that he’s “decided to leave clean bandit,” via a tweet.

In two attached images, Neil explained that his descision to leave the band took him a long time to reach “but it is the right one.”

“So many people have made these last four years quite unbelievable and I am so thankful for it all,” he explains, expressing his thanks to his fans.

Neil went on to say that he has a keepsake box full of pictures and “general pieces of touring tat” that he can’t throw away. “It’s all spread out on my bed right now making me smile and also cry a little bit.”

“There are a few people I have met along the way who have kept me in health and happiness,” Neil continues, paying special thanks to Tec Beint, Clean Bandit’s production manager, members of the crew, friends, family managers “and also Olly Alexander who have both been a huge part of how I experienced being in Clean Bandit.”

Neil also pays tribute to Florence Rawlings, Christina Hizon and Elisabeth Troy.

He concludes his message with: “I wish Clean Bandit all the luck, even as I feel sure they won’t need it. Here’s to all our futures.”

The band’s latest single, Tears, went straight to number one in the week it was released and has since gone Platinum.

The response from Neil’s fans to his departure have been almost universally supportive, with many wishing him the best for the future.

Neil appeared on the cover of GT’s September issue. You can read our world exclusive interview with him by downloading the issue at




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