Fans praise Emmerdale as Robert Sugden confirms he’s bisexual


Viewers have praised Emmerdale for attempting to fairly represent bisexuality.

Emotional scenes from last night’s episode of the British soap saw Aaron Dingle express concerns that boyfriend Robert was more likely to cheat on him because of his history with both men and women.

Robert confirmed his sexuality out loud for the first time, and tried to dispel myths that bisexual people are more promiscuous by stating: “I’m bisexual, okay. I like both. It doesn’t mean I’m gonna cheat!”

The couple expressed their love in a heartfelt conversation before Robert worked up the courage to propose – fans were understandably delighted with the moment, and expressed their excitement on Twitter.

While bisexuality is still very much under-represented on TV, the touching scene between Robert and Aaron is being lauded as one of the best moments in the couple’s story arc.

Watch the moving moment below.

Words Bryan Bernal



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