5 things you need to know about Bibi Bourelly

With the video for Bibi’s new single Perfect hot off the editing desk, we thought you needed an update on the talented star.

01. You’ve probably heard a Bibi Bourelly song without realising it. She’s co-written several recent Rihanna tracks including the already iconic Bitch Better Have My Money.

02. The songs Bibi keeps for herself are equally fierce. “I cuss when I talk, and I lean when I walk,” she sings on Ego’s first verse, before informing us on the chorus: “I won’t ever give a fuck.” It sounds even more badass in her gritty singing voice.

03. “I am not an artist who hides my imperfections,” she tells us during a thrillingly plain-speaking phone call. “There are a lot of fucking things wrong with me. I’m talking about anxiety, depression, anger problems. I’m obsessed with making music, I have commitment issues, I’ve seen a lot of fucked-up things in my life. I’m never going to get up in front of people and lie about these things.”

So I'm not really sure what I was doing or why tf I was in the bathtub…but CBuck got a pretty cool pic out of it . So fuck it. Fuck it forever.

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04. As you might expect, Bibi has no time for pop stars who pretend to be perfect. “Why? Because then you have 14-year-old kids, the ones who can’t come out of the closet or have anorexia or may be experiencing weird emotions, feeling too afraid to speak out because their idols aren’t speaking out.”

05. Bibi says she wants her name to stand for “freedom and truth”. We think she’s succeeding so far, don’t you?


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Bibi’s debut EP Free the Real (Pt #1) is out now, @bibibourelly_



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