11 times Cher was nothing less than amazing


Happy 71st birthday, Cher!

To celebrate the living legend turning 71, we’re turning back time to look at some of the best moments of her life so far.

Wether she’s singing with iconic stars such as David Bowie and Elton John, or giving career highlight performances in a movie with Nicholas Cage, is there anything Cher hasn’t done?

Believe – 1998

Two ex-lovers meet eyes from across the room in a crowded club in this video. Cher, with a tastefully autotuned voice, is like the girl’s fairy godmother, ushering her into a new life after love.

Turn Back Time – 1989

Cher is surrounded by sailors in this video. Confused? You must be new to the whole Cher thing. Back to work!

Gypsies Tramps & Thieves – 1971

Cher’s hair is almost as fabulous as that fake campfire in this video. This ode to teen pregnancy and the vagabond life still sounds fresh.

Dark Lady Animation – 1974

An absolute masterpiece, this animated video of our favourite classic Cher song is a hoot! Cher is of course the mysterious fortune teller, and we only wish we could see Cher in real life gazing into a crystal ball.

Half Breed – 1974

What are you staring at? That headdress is only twice Cher’s size – isn’t yours?

Cher, Bette Midler, and Elton John perform on The Cher Show – 1975

Cher, Bette, and Elton. What more do we need to say?

Cher and Raquel Welch perform on The Cher Show – 1975

With her only true equal, Cher joins Raquel Welch for a feminist anthem! One of the hidden gems of both their careers.

Cher and David Bowie perform on The Cher Show – 1975

Probably the greatest thing on the internet, here’s Cher doing a medley of classics with the late great David Bowie. There ain’t no sunshine when these two are apart.

Snap out of it! – 1987

Cher’s most famous and most fabulous movie scene. “Snap out of it!”, she says after slapping Nicholas Cage across the face two times. Cage is like all of us – in love with Cher, and unable to do anything about it.

We All Sleep Alone – 1987

The best of her Bon Jovi period – except perhaps the re-recorded Bang Bang – We All Sleep Alone is something we all need to hear sometimes. “Nobody nowhere holds the key to your heart.” Sigh. Right again, Cher.

Academy Awards – 1986

Courtesy of her designer-guru Bob Mackie came the most notorious wardrobe moment of Cher’s career! And that’s saying something. It’s clips like this that make us sad Cher and Bob are on the outs these days.

Words Ben Shields



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