Five of the best long-take movie scenes

XYZ Films

Victoria, from director Sebastian Schipper, is wowing the arthouse crowd at the moment – the two hour-plus movie was shot in a staggering single take… And that’s certainly nothing to be sniffed at. But it’s not the first elongated scene to amaze audiences.

01. The Raid 2 Written, directed and edited by Gareth Evans, The Raid 2 boasts fight-movie choreography at its finest, most notably in a breathtakingly executed six and a half minute prison yard punch-up.

02. Children of Men Alfonso Cuarón’s underrated sci-fi cult classic boasts a number of expertly shot scenes. But it’s the near-climactic, heart-stopping, explosive street attack that astounds.

03. Birdman Alejandro González Iñárritu’s emotionally-pressured existential theatrical drama won four Oscars for a reason. It’s comprised of just a few lengthy takes crafting a cinematic experience rather unlike anything you’ve seen before.

04. Magnolia Paul Thomas Anderson is no stranger to the long-take – hello Boogie Nights – but it’s the fluid 135 second pan through a TV station that feels his most original.

05. Spectre The best moment in Bond’s 24th outing is over before the credits even roll, following 007 as he strolls from a street-level carnival, up through a hotel, via an assassination attempt and then culminating with the whole building coming down around him.



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