The top five stop-motion movies


Anomalisa, which is out now in cinemas, is the latest in a long line of stop-motion animations that manage to prove that when it comes to affecting, inventive and downright heart-boldening animations, clay is the cray.

But what about the other creations that have stop-motion captured out hearts on the big screen?


Neil Gaiman’s delightfully dark fantasy adventure is full of macabre wonder – portals to dark netherworlds and ghost children with buttons for eyes aplenty.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Arguably Tim Burton’s greatest movie, and stuffed full of toe-tapping musical brilliance, the stop motion only adds to the creepy whimsy.


A zombie horror for kids sounds terrible, but Laika’s charmingly crafted stop motion and perfectly scored coming-of-age adventure is near-perfect.

Jason and the Argonauts

One of Ray Harryhausen’s many masterpieces, the animated skeletons vs IRL humans battle = instant cinematic gold.


Tim Burton’s best film since, well, The Nightmare Before Christmas, harks back to the cute-but-unsettling inventiveness of his early works. All you need to know: Frankenstein puppy!



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