It’s Britney’s birthday, bitch!


She’s one of the biggest pop stars on the planet, and today Britney Spears turns 35 years old!

To celebrate, here’s a reminder of some of the greatest achievements of her career so far – honestly, we just don’t have enough space to list them all.

…Baby One More Time was the song that shot her to stardom and gave the world a new favourite pop star. Fighting through the slew of boy bands and girl groups of the late 90s, Britney rose to the top with a video that remains as crucial to pop culture as ever.

If you’ve never dressed in an old school uniform and worked that choreography at a Halloween party, you haven’t lived.

She’s worked with Madonna, and anyone that Madge approves of, we approve of.

Fun fact: Me Against The Music is one of only three times Madonna has featured on another artist’s song – the other two were a duet with Ricky Martin, and a guest spot on Annie Lennox’s 23-artist strong charity track Sing. ‘Legends only’, as they say.

Speaking of Madonna, the two pop starlets shocked the world with a live same-sex kiss on stage at the 2003 VMA awards after Britney covered Like A Virgin in a white wedding dress. Madonna also kissed Christina Aguilera, but most people forgot about that.

She’s a supporter of same-sex marriage. When asked in an interview for OUT magazine whether she thinks gay people should be able to get married, she said: “I think everyone should be treated equally.”

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Of course we couldn’t leave out Gimme More, a song that made gay men the world over quiver at the knees with it’s gritty bass and seductive lyrics. The song was a darker sound for the blonde bombshell, and proved to be the perfect pole-dancing soundtrack, as demonstrated by Britney herself in the video.

She proved herself worthy of her iconic ‘Britney, bitch!’ moniker when she appeared on the X Factor as the meanest judge of them all – and we lived for it.

Britney’s got some of the hottest backing dancers ever, and they’re not shy of shedding the clothing on, and off, stage.

Her 2013 hit Work Bitch was one of the year’s biggest gay anthems, combining a pounding club beat with some gay slang which she said was “in respect to the gays as a term of endearment.”

One of her many talents that you may not be aware of is her Woody Woodpecker impression, which is probably the best we’ve ever heard.

Britney’s long been a gay favourite, and she’s proven her support for the LGBT community a number of times through her career. Last year, she wrote a touching letter to a fan who shared his coming out story with her.

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She’s always got some words of wisdom to share with her followers on social media, and this particular one may just be our favourite.

Despite her immense level of success, Britney has never lost that famous girl-next-door charm that made the world fall in love with her – spending time with family is still her number one priority.

Happy birthday, Britney!



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