This adorable couple talk Love & Hip Hop

A same-sex couple have become the breakout stars of reality show Love & Hip Hop.

Miles Brock and Milan Christopher are the first gay couple to appear on the show, a documentary that follows real-life couples in LA’s hip-hop community.

In an interview with theGrio, Milan said: “When more people step up and basically be themselves, people will be more accepting. I wish some of the rappers that I know for a fact that are homosexual would just be themselves.”

His partner Miles also took the time to defend his right to call himself bisexual, after recently splitting with long-term girlfriend Amber Laura.

He said: “Women can freely go back and forth, the second a man crosses over, they feel like, ‘That’s it. You know, you need to choose one way.’ I was in a relationship with a woman for 10 years and now I’m in a relationship with Milan.”

The two also appeared on the Wendy Williams Show earlier in the week, where they revealed how they met and discussed Love & Hip Hop.



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