Troye Sivan ends heartbreaking trilogy with Talk Me Down

Troye Sivan has released the heartbreaking third and final part of his Blue Neighbourhood trilogy.

Talk Me Down follows on from the the first two videos, which saw a childhood romance blossom in Wild but eventually turn sour with parental abuse and rejection in Fools, leaving the two separated.

The clip is set at the funeral of his former lover’s abusive father, where we see Troye’s childhood friend reject his feelings for him and choose a relationship with a woman instead.

The video climaxes with an implied suicide attempt by the ex-boyfriend, in what is a truly emotional end to a cinematic experience that’s made us all fall in love with the Australian singer.

Troye tweeted after the video’s release to encourage anyone dealing with similar issues to seek advice with a link to a number of helplines.

Talk Me Down acts as the lead single from debut album Blue Neighbourhood, which Troye recently announced would be released on December 4.



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