Kehlani opens up about identifying as queer

American R&B singer/songwriter Kehlani has clarified her sexuality in a series of tweets to fans.

The 22-year-old, famous for hits such as Gangsta, Distraction and Good Life, told Twitter: “cuz I keep geddin asked… I’m queer.”

“not bi, not straight. i’m attracted to women, men, REALLY attracted to queer men, non binary people, intersex people, trans people,” she continued. “lil poly pansexual papi hello good morning. does that answer your questions?”

Kehlani also said she’s “least attracted to straight men” and that bisexual men “really are little gifts from god tho.”

And when asked why she identifies as queer, she explained: “i felt gay always insisted there was still a line drawn as to which ‘label’ of human i was attracted when i really jus be walking around thinking ERRYBODY FINE.”

She then called out “gross” people for changing their energy towards men who identify as “sexually ambiguous or queer”.

Most of the tweets have been deleted, but check out the remaining below:

Last year, Kehlani released the queer anthem, Honey, on which she unapologetically proclaimed: “I like my women like I like my honey. Sweet… a little selfish.” We stan!

She also appeared on openly gay singer Hayley Kiyoko’s critically lauded debut album, on the fantastic R&B anthem, What I Need.

Her own debut, SweetSexySavage, charted at number three on the Billboard 200 last January, and received widespread acclaim. It’s available on iTunes and streaming services, so go listen! We’ve still got it on heavy rotation…

Watch the video for Honey below:



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