RuPaul’s Drag Race season 10: What’s happened so far?

Mama Ru pulled out all the stops this time around… 

Can you believe we’re on the tenth sick’ning season of RuPaul’s Drag Race?

Over the course of a decade, we’ve been positively cooped, gooped and mother-tucking gagged at a ridonkulous amount of iconique moments honey: Shannel’s Miss Mandarin; “Tyra is a complete bitch”; MacArthur Park; “Go back to party city where you belong!”; Alyssa and Coco’s lip-sync showdown; Lajanja’s meltdown; Violet’s waist; Sasha’s “So Emotional” lip-sync petal extravaganza, and more recently, BenDeLaCreme’s self-elimination.

Season nine of the show proved that RPDR hasn’t lost its spark, with all 14 queens displaying copious amounts of charisma, uniqueness, nerve and taaaaalent. Oh, and the last season of All Stars? More twists and turns than a Kill V Maim performance from Aja.

So, has season 10 been as kunty? We certainly think so. Here’s what’s happened so far…

Which queens are left? 

The season started with 14 queens, and now we’re left with four. Can you believe how fast it’s gone?

Ru said: “While preparing for season 10, I realized that one of our contestants was 11 years-old when we first launched Drag Race.The fact that we’re still here and still going strong is because of our talented queens.

“They are the heart and soul of the series. And as they continue to evolve and push the boundaries of drag, so does Drag Race.”

Get your jush below with individual profiles of the five queens still left in the competition.

Aquaria (Giovanni Palandrani) – 21, Brooklyn, New York

Main Challenges Won: 3

Times in Bottom Two: 0

Aquaria came into the competition with the biggest social reach of any queen, due to her fierce, high-fashion lewks. Described by her fellow contestants as just a “look queen”, the 21-year-old proved them all wrong when she revealed her sharp comedic talent as Melania Trump during Snatch Game. Her portrayal as The First Lady was so iconic, we’ve ranked it at number eight on our list of top Snatch Game performances. Can Aquaria also snatch the crown? With three wins and zero bottom two placements, it looks like she’ll be a shoo-in for the top three.

Asia O’Hara (Antwan Lee) – 35, Dallas, Texas

Main Challenges Won: 2

Times in Bottom Two: 1

This Texas queen has been a formidable competitor on the pageant circuit for over a decade. She’s won the following prestigious titles: Miss Gay USofA 2007 (succeeding Alyssa Edwards); All American Goddess 2012; and Miss Gay America 2016. Has she lived up to her reputation? Yas hunties! She’s conquered two challenges so far, and has provided us with one of the most gag-worthy runways in Drag Race HERstory.

Eureka O’Hara (David Huggard) – 27, Johnson City, Tennessee

Main Challenges Won: 2

Times in Bottom Two: 2

After a rocky return to the competition, Eureka O’Hara bounced back and slayed the judges, winning two consecutive challenges. She may have landed in the bottom two twice, but each time, she’s mother-tucking turned it out and proved why she’s worthy of being America’s Next Drag Superstar. Can Eureka go all the way this time, and become the first plus-sized beauty to snatch that title?

Kameron Michaels (Dane Young) – 31, Nashville, Tennessee 

Main Challenges Won: 1

Times in Bottom Two: 3

This 31-year-old Barbie doll bodybuilder from Nashville didn’t make much of an impression on Drag Race audiences before the show aired, but has since been recognised as the “black horse” of season 10. Week by week, Kameron Michaels has slayed the runway and the challenges, and has proven to be one of the fiercest lip-syncers this season. We can’t wait to see what she does next…

Who’s been eliminated so far? 

14TH PLACE – Vanessa Vanjie Mateo (Jose Cancel) – 25, Tampa, Florida 

Main Challenges Won: 0

Times in Bottom Two: 1

Vanessa Vanjie Mateo came into the competition with a pretty impressive repertoire, having already won Miss Polk Gay Pride Newcomer and Miss Southern Nights Newcomer. Despite boasting Drag Race legend Alexis Mateo as her drag mother, she became the first contestant to leave the competition, which wasn’t well received by fans. Her exit from the competition led to the queen becoming a viral sensation, and the most legendary contestant to leave the show in last place (besides Shangela). Hopefully we’ll hear “Miss Vanjie… Miss Vanjie… Miss Vanjie…” before she pops out of a box in season 11.

13TH PLACE – Kalorie Karbdashian-Williams (Daniel Hernandez) – 27, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Main Challenges Won: 0

Times in Bottom Two: 2

Self-described as the “wicked stepsister” of the Kardashian family, Kalorie Karbdashian-Williams sashayed into the competition with a whole lot of sass and a whole lot of asssss. She ended up in the bottom two for the first episode, but made a memorable impression on the judges as she twerked for her LIFE to Christina Aguilera’s iconique 2006 single, Ain’t No Other Man. Her performance in the second episode also wasn’t enough to warrant a ‘safe’, and ultimately, Kalorie was sent packin’ by bff, Eureka O’Hara.

12TH PLACE – Yuhua Hamasaki (Yuhua Ou) – 27, New York 

Main Challenges Won: 0

Times in Bottom Two: 1

This NYC queen told fans she was in a coma to hide away the fact she was filming RPDR (our favourite excuse ever). Yuhua’s first two weeks showed promise, but the seamstress floundered during the Tap That App challenge, losing out to Mayhem Miller in a killer lip-sync to Hole’s Celebrity Skin.

11th PLACE – Dusty Ray Bottoms (Dustin Rayburn) – 29, New York

Main Challenges Won: 0

Times in Bottom Two: 1

The “dark, glamourous and trashy” Dusty Ray Bottoms touched audiences in week three, when she memorably opened up about her horrific experience with gay conversion therapy. As testament to the LGBTQ mantra ‘It Gets Better,’ Dusty weathered the turbulent period in her life to move on to bigger and better things. Unfortunately, Dusty landed in the bottom two for The Last Ball on Earth, and was sent home by Monét X Change.

10TH PLACE – Mayhem Miller (Dequan Johnson) – 35, Riverside, California

Main Challenges Won: 1

Times in Bottom Two: 2

A prominent figure in the West Hollywood drag scene, Californian queen Mayhem Miller came into the competition with a fierce and revered reputation. Despite winning the first challenge, Mayhem fell into the bottom during the third week, and showcased her extraordinary lip-sync skills to Hole’s Celebrity Skin. Her performance in the competition continued to dwindle, and unfortunately, Mayhem was sent home by Monét X Change in the fifth week.

Read our gag-worthy interview with Mayhem Miller here.

9TH PLACE – Blair St. Clair (Andrew Bryson) – 22, Indianapolis, Indiana

Main Challenges Won: 0

Times in Bottom Two: 1

Blair St. Clair made headlines before she even entered Drag Race for violating her – wait for it – parole. Can you believe? The 22-year-old queen received a DUI back in 2017, and was supposed to stay in Indiana. We were so convinced at one point that the FBI would enter the main stage and arrest Blair in a Willam/Eureka shock style eviction. What a missed opportunity, eh? During the sixth week, Blair received universal praise from fans for opening up a discussion about sexual assault. In the same week, she fell into the bottom two and was sent home by close friend, The Vixen.

Read Gay Times’ exclusive interview with Blair St. Clair here.

8TH PLACE – Monique Heart (Kevin Richardson) – 31, Kansas City, Missouri 

Main Challenges Won: 0

Times in Bottom Two: 1

Monique Heart was this season’s supreme confessional queen. Self described as the “heart of season 10”, Monique came into the competition and gave us all the “ooh ah ah sensation” we never thought we needed honey. Despite being deemed a frontrunner by fans, Monique was sent packin’ after a terrible Snatch Game performance as Maxine Waters and an unforgivable lip-sync to Carly Rae Jepsen.

7th PLACE – The Vixen (Anthony Taylor) – 26, Chicago, Illinois 

Main Challenges Won: 1

Times in Bottom Two: 3

Chicago queen The Vixen came into the competition and proclaimed to her fellow queens, “I’m ready to fight”. Did she live up to her promise? You can say that… Throughout the series, The Vixen often clashed with Aquaria and Eureka O’Hara, and provided us with some of the most entertainting episodes of Untucked. In week eight, The Vixen was sent home by her sister Asia O’Hara, after floundering in Cher: The Rusical.

6TH PLACE – Monét X Change (Kevin Bertin) – 27, The Bronx, New York 

Main Challenges Won: 0

Times in Bottom Two: 3

Monét X Change became a force to be reckoned with in weeks four and five, when she displayed her fierce lip-sync skills against Dusty Ray Bottoms and Mayhem Miller. After that, the NYC queen came close to winning the next four challenges, but never quite triumphed over her competitors. In week ten, Monét was harshly critiqued by the judges for her makeover of social media personality, Tyler Oakley, and lip-synced for the third time against Kameron Michaels. Unfortunately, Monét’s performance wasn’t enough to secure her a place in the top five, and she was told to sashay away. What a lip-sync though, right?

5TH PLACE – Miz Cracker (Maxwell Heller) – 33, New York 

Main Challenges Won: 1

Times in Bottom Two: 1

Despite placing high throughout the competition, Miz Cracker didn’t win her first challenge until the tenth episode, when she introduced the Drag Race fandom to her iconic drag daughter, Miz Cookie. One week after, Cracker fell into the bottom two for the first time, and performed against lip-sync assassin, Kameron Michaels. She may have lost the crown, but honey, she arguably won the coveted title of ‘fan-favourite’. Like Trinity Taylor said in last year’s finale, “that’s the true winner”.

Who’s judged this season?

RuPaul, Michelle Visage, Carson Kressley and Ross Matthews, duh.

Including All Stars, this is Ru’s 13th season, Michelle’s 11th, and the sixth for Carson and Ross. Can you believe?

Christina Aguilera made her gag-worthy Drag Race debut in the premiere, where she impersonated season nine contestant, Farrah Moan.

In the subsequent episodes, guest judges included: Halsey, Padma Lakshmi, Nico Tortorella, Courtney Love, Tisha Campbell-Martin, Logan Browning, Carrie Preston, Shania Twain, Kumail Nanjiani, Emily V. Gordon.

Deep breath for even more star power: Audra McDonald, Kate Upton, Billy Eichner, Andrew Rannells, Abbi Jacobson, Ilana Glazer, Miles Heizer, Lizzo, Lena Dunham, Ashanti and Todrick Hall.

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