Author: Matt Moore

A state-funded, Jewish school has removed all references to “homosexuality” in its GCSE schoolbooks

Adam Rippon reveals that he used to feel “uncomfortable” being gay

Ellen DeGeneres has cancelled her Bermuda holiday in protest of the repeal of same-sex marriages

Israeli rabbi claims that the country is turning into “LGBTistan”

The first magical trailer for Disney’s live-action Christopher Robin is here

Alan Cumming confirms that he will play King James I in new series of Doctor Who

Republicans in Tennessee have blocked a ban on child marriages so they didn’t have to recognise same-sex marriages

Martin Shkreli has been sentenced to seven years in jail for fraud

Washington State sends bill to ban gay ‘cure’ therapy off for approval

A prince and a farmer fall in love in this children’s fairytale

Former Equalities minister Maria Miller slams the media for transphobic coverage

Troye Sivan reveals that he hopes to have kids one day

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