Author: Matt Moore

Could you survive this Queer Eye drinking game?

Man sentenced to death by ‘homophobic’ jurors loses appeal in Supreme Court

A woman has accused Sam Smith of ‘fat-shaming’ her on holiday

Conservative MP Damian Collins is planning to make homophobic chanting illegal at football matches

Hunger Games star and singer Amandla Stenberg comes out as gay

Former Power Rangers actor David Yost opens up about his conversion therapy experience

Maine becomes the third U.S. state to legally recognise gender non-binary people

Marvel revives gay superhero Iceman’s comic series less than a year after it was cancelled

U.S. Supreme Court to rule on the case of man who was sentenced to death by “homophobic” jurors

New trailer for The Last of Us Part II confirms that the main character is a lesbian

The first gay Royal wedding has been announced

Longest serving Republican senator gives speech praising LGBTQ youth

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