Celebrity Lawmakers

Sam Sparro

Out American Pop god Sam Sparro gives us his holy bible of truth. Oh, Deity, we adore thee (and actually have a bit of a crush, truth be told). Hallelujah.

01. Thou shalt not murder on the dancefloor.
02. Thou shalt honour thy motherfucker.
03. Thou shalt dress for the job thou wantest, not for the job thou hast.
04. Thou shalt not burn Disco records.
05. Thou shalt holiday frequently to prevent stress-related ageing.
06. Thou shalt not blame it on the sunshine, moonlight or good times – thou shalt blame it on "The Boogie".
07. Thou shalt recycle and turn off the lights.
08. Thou shalt not shave thy chest or torso. Woman may pluck or wax these areas.
09. Thou shalt not have premarital group-sex with animals.
10. Thou shalt recognise... beyatch.

Sam is currently headlining the Wonky Pop Tour, which starts in Glasgow on Sept 23rd and ends Oct 4th at Shepherd’s Bush Empire. Full details at www.myspace.com/samsparro. His debut album, featuring hit singles Black And Gold and 21st Century Life, is out now on Universal Island