Celebrity Lawmakers

Miss Behave

August’s Deity is Miss Behave, the Latex-wearing, whip-shaking goddess of divine divatronica-ness. We exhault thee in the hopes though won’t end up whipping us!

01 Thou shalt always misbehave.
02 Youth fades, vintage is forever.
03 Chocolate is NOT better than sex; it’s a substitute.
04 Hang with the swallow, stay away from the thrush.
05 Thou shalt substitute comfort for style. ALWAYS.
06 Indulge, and indulge often.
07 Monogamy is punishment. Celibacy is hell. Batteries are optional.
08 Camping is not a family activity involving tents.
09 If in doubt, do it.
10 Remember, we are all whores.

Miss Behave’s Variety Nighty is at the Roundhouse, London, from July 31st-Aug 24th, www.roundhouse.org.uk