Celebrity Lawmakers

Richard Thomas

Richard Thomas - outrageous composer

01 Don't let them smell your need, let them need your smell.

02 IF at first you don't succeed- then fail.

03 When playing poker, make sure your face is not playing snap.

04 IF you can't seize the day, try at least to seize the late afternoon.

05 The Buddhists say a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. I say- there's always Eurostar.

06 IF you can't glorify terrorism, then at least try to camp it up a bit.

07 IF you're an artist and you're not depressed, then you're probably in advertising.

08 One good reason to get out of bed is fire.

09 Always remember: shoplifting and low-grade arson is no shortcut to promotion

10 Like dried fruit- everything dates.