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Boogaloo Stu

Ten Commandments - Boogaloo Stu

01. Too Much Is Never Enough! Apart from upstaging the bride at many weddings and wreaking havoc at the occasional wake, you should find that applying this mantra generally leads to a higher quality of life.

02. You Tube is the new Tele-Vision. As well as my own pop videos you should check out one of my favourite clips – Welcome To My Home with American soapstar Brenda Dickson. She's sort of Jane Fonda meets Linda Evans in Dynasty with a dash of Stepford Wife. Ridiculous.

03. Ballroom dancing is the new Disco (in case you didn't know). I go to the Tower Ballroom in Blackpool every year to dance on the incredible sprung floor.

04. Check out the artist John Lee Bird. His work is simply a delight. He has already painted me, of course, but his new exhibition this month features portraits of Patrick Wolf, Princess Julia and Joan As Police Woman among others. (see GT page 16)

05. Read Popjustice. It's an essential website and includes everything you need to know about forthcoming pop nuggets and gossip about all your favourite stars.

06. Splash that cash – don't save it. Live for the moment, you could be dead tomorrow. Dead, y'hear? Gone. Forgotten. Nada. Zilcho. Zip.

07. Recycle! I've cut my rubbish down to one tiny bag a week, it's incredible. Make your own compost too. Even my stage costumes are recycled – often made out of old dresses, bedspreads, curtains, furniture, car parts.

08. Amy Winehouse is the new God. Worship her, lick her beehive.

09. Try screw-top quality wines. Forget corked wines - this is the future. I can't get enough. I drank too much a few weeks ago and was nearly sick in a nightclub and had to be escorted from the premises via the fire exit so no-one would see me. I don't normally behave like that.

10. Buy my new single! It's really good, yeah?