Celebrity Lawmakers


Ten albums we're pretty sure came out this year. In a handy Top Ten Commandments style format.

01 Robyn - Body Talk
So it's kind of three albums in one, she's beyond lovely, she makes us cry and dance at the same time and all three Body Talks combine to produce the best album released this year. End. Of.

02 The Magnetic Fields - Realism
Everything they do is brilliant, but especially their lyrics. Here's a festive and sarcastic classic from their album released early this year. "Stop mumbling and cheer up, put down the book, pick beer up."

03 Sia - We Are Born
Ace videos, ace songs, ace person. A criminally over-looked pop album. She also wrote all the best songs on Xtina's Bionic.

04 Alphabeat - The Beat Is
We found out half way through our cover interview last year that the album was being put back. Their second mistake, the first being THIS SHOULD'VE BEEN A SINGLE:

05 Marina & The Diamonds - The Family Jewels
You've been acting awful tough lately, smoking a lot of cigarettes lately, but inside you're just a little baby... *sobs uncontrollably x 12*

06 Keane - Night Train
Yes, we did have a world exclusive interview with Tom Chaplin the week this album went to number one. And?

07 Sleigh Bells - Treats
You'll be able to read about these guys in the next issue of GT out 29 Dec, seeing as they are our favourite new band of this year. Complete fucking racket, completely fucking amazing.

08 Goldfrapp - Head First
Not the least awkward interview we've ever done, we'll be honest, but this album is almost flawless. Oh oh oh...

09 Cher/Xtina/Official Soundtrack - Burlesque
The only album on the list by people we haven't interviewed. *smashes chair, shouts* IT'S BURLESSSSQUE!

10 The Hidden Cameras - Origin:Orphan
We went on tour with them as a go go dancer and crowd surfed to this song. Good times.