Celebrity Lawmakers


Eek! September’s Deity is the devilish MACK, the daddy of all daddies who shows no mercy even when you say “Yes, sir!” We bow down before his huge stature and pee ourselves a little.

01 I shall fuck as often as I feel like it and have a hole to plunder.
02 Don’t think of your age – slave and boy are both about psyche and spirit, not years.
03 Be all you can be – be a good boy – especially if it’s for me.
04 Your own needs will be met when you are taking care of mine.
05 I’m hard on you because I care enough about myself to make sure you are right.
06 Don’t call me master and then tell me what you would prefer.
07 My tits are a better place for your hands. It doubles… triples my pleasure.
08 Don’t squirm and torque when I’m ramming you. It defeats my pleasure.
09 Don’t “just do it,” give it forethought – consider what I tell you.
10 Watch me. Consider the pleasure you are giving me, it’ll help you not to resist.