Celebrity Lawmakers

Kristian Digby

February’s Deity is TV’s toothsome Kristian Digby, who can be seen most mornings on BBC’s To Buy or Not To Buy and is currently shooting a new series, Double Agents, due to air on BBC One in mid-March. We adore thee

01Thou shalt have no gods – it only causes trouble in the long run.

02 Thou shalt find divine joy in art, architecture and Pop music – and yes, the Devil does have the best tunes.

03 Thou shalt not dismiss tweed garments; there’s nothing more fetching than a herringbone tweed.

04 Thou shalt discover enlightenment in the works of Saint Derek Jarman and the Pet Shop Boys.

05 Thou shalt not buy a sofa from DFS or World of Leather. For this sin there is no forgiveness.

06 Thou shalt never let hedonism distract thee from the true value of friendships. After all, a city is a large community where most people are lonesome together.

07 Thou shalt pray for resolve in Pakistan. There are 65 nuclear warheads, and no steady finger on the button.

08 Thou shalt dance often, and always in front of thy bedroom mirror, regardless of how bad thy dancing is, or how regrettable the taste in music.

09 Thou shalt not get to the top by sitting on thy bottom.

10 Thou can’t have everything – after all, where would thou put it?