Celebrity Lawmakers

Paul Burston

Paul Burston - Journovelist

01 Being gay is not a religion. Try to keep things in perspective.

02 Don’t worship false idols. Madonna is only a pop star. (David Bowie, on the other hand, is a God).

03 Honour your mum and dad. The chances are they didn’t fuck you up on purpose.

04 Remember that Sunday is a day of rest. Except in Vauxhall, obviously.

05 Crossing the line is one thing. Writing your name in it is just plain greedy.

06 Porn is fantasy, not a recipe for life.

07 God is not a DJ, and a few years on the decks does not qualify someone as ‘legendary’.

08 Gay prostitution takes many forms. And many pages.

09 Writing isn’t ten percent inspiration and ninety percent perspiration. There’s also observation.

10 Love is a wonderful thing to have, and a terrible thing to lose. Hold on to the ones you love.