Celebrity Lawmakers

Same Difference

December – ‘tis the season to be jolly. So let us confer upon the gods most joyous that are sibling Pop combo Same Difference, for thou art our Deities this month. Pray, who needs MDMA now?

01 Thou shalt ALWAYS be happy.
02 Thou shalt always include 'air grabs' in dance routines.
03 Thou shalt always disagree with Louis Walsh.
04 Thou shalt bring great POP music back to the UK.
05 Thou shalt love thy family.
06 Thou shalt love thy gimmicks, including bubbles and puppies.
07 Thou shalt never utter the word “cheesy”, just “great Pop music.”
08 Thou shalt never let down thy friends.
09 Thou shalt never take thy self too seriously.
10 Thou shalt ALWAYS have fun!

Same Difference’s debut single, We R One, is released on Nov 24th through Syco/Sony/BMG. They’re album Pop follows on Dec 1st. www.samedifferenceworld.com