Celebrity Lawmakers

Marc Almond

May’s Deity is the Lord of non-stop erotic cabaret, Marc Almond. Blessed is he and his tattooed torso. Amen.

01 Thou shalt not worship at the shrine of stupidity, mediocrity and celebrity.
02 Thou shalt celebrate only true talent and/or beauty.
03 Thou shalt see beauty in the unconventional and strange.
04 Thou shalt fight in only one war: ageing in mind and body.
05 Thou shalt seek only pleasure, but not at the expense of others.
06 Never wear bum baring hip hop jeans unless trim, buff and under 20.
07 Endeavor to hug a hoodie (or at least give them the contact for Triga).
08 Thou shalt celebrate the past but not live in it.
09 Give in to all your lavender desires over the age of 50, wear kaftans, speak your mind and generally be an outrageous 'ole queen!
10 Thou shalt listen to Baby Dee’s wonderful Safe Inside The Day at least once a day.

Marc Almond has a residency at Wilton’s Music Hall, London, from April 28th till May 4th. www.wiltons.org.uk www.marcalmond.co.uk