Celebrity Lawmakers

Miss Korkarn Keskosol

Our Deity of the month is the gorgeous Miss Korkarn Keskosol, alias “Yoko”, winner of the Ladyboy beauty pageant, Madame Mango Tree 2007, held in Belgravia's Mango Tree. The swooning judges included this organ’s editor.

01 Love your pets, but don't treat them like fashion accessories.

02 Be content with what you have, because that’s the secret of being happy.

03 Accept that British weather can never be relied on. But at least it's never boring.

04 Promote Thailand in a positive way – hate stories in the press about prostitution.

05 Blusher should be used sparingly.

06 Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Even fakes look good from a distance.

07 Music lifts your mood, no matter how down you feel.

08 Take as much time as possible over your make up; you don't want to end up
looking like "a dog".

09 I will always remember people at Mango Tree for all their support, especially my sister, " p' tip "

10 In the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.