Celebrity Lawmakers

Ruth Jones

Nobody says, “You could have had a bit of cock there,” quite like Little Britain’s Ruth Jones

01Re-use your carrier bags and recycle – it’s not a lot to ask.
02 Don’t beep when the red light turns green and someone hasn’t moved fast enough. How much time have you lost, a nano-second?
03 Never leave the dog in the car – even with the windows open, it’s hot in there.
04 Always wear matching underwear. Consider those angelic paramedics.
05 Stop blaming others and take responsibility.
06Don’t reach your deathbed and regret something undone.
07 Regularly treat yourself – you deserve it.
08 Stop laughing at photos of celebrities’ dodgy body parts. Not even Victoria Beckham is perfect.
09 Always see the bigger picture…
10 And watch the new series of Saxondale, BBC Two, from August 23rd, 9.30pm, and look at my lovely hair extensions. Steve Coogan’s not bad in it, either.

Saxondale Series 2, Thursdays, BBC Two, 9.30pm.
Series 1 is released on DVD this autumn